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: Page 15 - 16. A hierarchical classification of managers identifies a manager by levels such as top, middle and team leaders or supervisors. Top managers pay special attention to the external environment and are alert to potential long-run problems and opportunities and develop appropriate ways of dealing with them. Top managers are responsible for the performance of the organisation as a whole or of one of its major parts. Middle managers are in charge of relatively large departments or divisions, consisting of several smaller work units and work with peers to help coordinate activities across the organisation. Team leaders or supervisors report to middle managers and directly supervise non-managerial workers. The responsibilities of a team leader or supervisor will include planning meetings and work schedules; recruiting, training, and developing team members to meet performance standards; and recommending pay increases for subordinates. Essay Style Question Chapter 2 Answer: Pages 47 - 48. Subcultures are common to groups of people with similar values and beliefs based on shared work responsibilities and personal characteristics. Some of these sub-cultures are; occupational sub-cultures (lawyers, scientists), functional sub-cultures (marketing people, finance people), generational sub-cultures (baby boomers, generation X). Diversity means the presence of differences. When one subculture is in majority, others become minorities in respect to representation within the organisation. For example, most senior management tend to be older, white males. There tends to be more diversity within the middle and lower levels of the organisation. Students should illustrate with examples how subcultures and diversity are linked. Essay Style Chapter No 3 Answer: Page 71. Managers make decisions under certain, risk, and uncertain environments. Certain environments

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