Management de Projet Essay

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How to analyse an advertisement … DUNLOP The commercial begins with a loud, brash soundtrack: “shiny, shiny, shiny bits of metal …”. This catches our attention and makes us wonder what the product and its unique selling point might be. The visuals keep us guessing. A car is speeding across a bridge. The camera views it from underneath something. Later we realise it is a grand piano balanced on the back of a truck. The car swerves, gets past, and drives on. The piano falls in toppling slow-motion, caught in close-up and long-shot, dropping into the ravine below. The product is still baffling. Then we see faces – a large silver-painted man laughs, some children stretch their eyes. A multicoloured fireball, then another, explodes. The silver man – again in close up – scatters thousands of ballbearings across the road. This, we begin to assume, is an ambush. These people – strange creatures in an alien environment – are out to capture the car. The car – a BMW – drives through the ballbearings. The silver man frowns. The children stop smiling. Some rake-like slaves carry on dipping their hands in a stream. Suddenly the car roars through, the soundtrack still throbbing, and sending up a bright blue wall of shimmering water. The car has escaped. The fat silver man lies down defeated. The commercial presents a simple storyline – a car on safe tyres survives in a threatening world. The slogan –“Tested for the Unexpected” – appears. Suddenly it all fits into place: these tyres symbolise reassurance, reliability, absolute safety. Each word is broken up by menacing faces, a reminder of the unexpected. The commercial is complex, fast-paced, brilliantly edited. The soundtrack keeps the momentum up, the tracking shots of the car hold our interest, and the final slogan helps us to make sense of everything we have seen. It is a highly imaginative, surrealistic

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