Management Control Essay

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Management control is the activity aimed at controlling the conduct of an organization providing events and adapting to change, defining the objectives, by providing the means by comparing the performance and objectives, by correcting the goals and means (Michael 2011). In this report, I will solve the case study and apply the principles of management control to devise am solution for Sunny Grove police Station. Analysis In the Sunny Grove police station, there were a number of problems that they were facing. The core of these problems is the fact there is a lack of control system at the police station, which has led to development of problems at the Sunny Grove Police Station. Problem of application of organizational objectives The first and foremost problem for Sunny Grove Police Station is that they are not able to control the crime rate in their jurisdiction. One of the main principles of management is the “Principle of assurance of objective”, as the head of the Police Station it is pertinent for me to make sure that employee behavior is on track for the accomplishment of organizational objective of controlling crimes (Michael 2011). The behavior of police officers is not aligned with the organizational objectives and they are involved in illegal activities by themselves by getting involved in theft from local businesses, and one of the traffic controllers was convicted of stealing money from fines imposed for breaking traffic rules. I will apply the principles of assurance of objectives through the help of other principles of control to ensure that the behavior of police officers in the locality becomes aligned with the organizational objectives. I will develop standards of expected behavior and will communicate to all police officers in the locality. In this phase, I will have to apply the principle of reflection of the plan and action, and take
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