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Date: October 4, 2009 To: InterClean Sales Management Team From: Mike Jones Sales Manager Re: Management Behavior As we have now become aware of the vast opportunity we have embarked on with the merger of EnviroTech, we must stay committed to the sound principles that has lead us to this point of success thus far. As you all now know my favorite saying is, a company is only as good as the management it is ran by. I want to personally thank each of you for your hard work and everlasting dedication to your career and our company. A merger between companies’ sometimes present hurdles that must be conquered before a normal business place is resumed. I want you to remember all of the intricacies as managers that have gotten us to this point thus far. Within an organization, employees are constantly being asked to be model employees, but are rarely supplied the guidance it will take to achieve that factor. All employees feel it is their company obligation to be treated with dignity, respect, loyalty. Employees want to know that their work is appreciated and not done in vain. Employees that know they are appreciated by their employer tend to want to go the extra mile in their job performance. A worker that feels appreciated is assumed to have increased production, better morale and enhances business relationships between both their employer and co-workers. An employer who appreciates an employee usually allows an employee to weigh their will on a company. When an employee has the opportunity to be an integral part of business decisions of a company, they tend to take more ownership to their occupation. After presenting results at the annual American Sociological Association on August 9th in Chicago, Grabmeier stated, “many popular business books and academic studies in the past several years have looked at a concept often called worker citizenship.

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