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TO: MERGER SUPERVISORY TEAM, INTERCLEAN, INC. FROM: MICHAEL PERKINS SUBJECT: MANAGEMENT BEHAVIOR MEMORANDUM DATE: OCTOBER 19, 2009 CLASS: HRM/531 GROUP: MBAA0KZ1X9 As you are well aware, InterClean, Inc is in the process of completing a merger with EnviroTech. In response to this merger I wanted to take a few moments to discuss the importance of the behavior exhibited by managers. In this memo I will discuss how a manager’s behavior can affect the productivity of his or her workers, the various types of management action that align with employment laws and those that do not, and best practices for working within a diverse work environment. As manager’s we have a responsibility to affect each of our employees positively to increase productivity and maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life. The expectation is for each of us to come to understand our newly defined roles as “leaders, helpers, and information gatherers” (Cascio, 2006, p. 25) to make this a successful transition. Our behavior will directly affect the quality of work life for each of our employees. Demonstrating positive morale and providing employees with “promotion-from-within policies, democratic supervision, employee involvement, and safe working conditions” (p. 24) will be the backbone to creating a management structure in which the power is shared. In this case managers and our employees work closely with one another to keep business improving. Three key behaviors need to be understood by each of us to keep the business improving. The first is to define the right outcomes for the employees. This means to provide our employees with a clear definition of our expectations and to ensure they have the resources to complete the job. We should not micromanage or create a means for which to complete the task. The second behavior is

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