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Management Behavior The new training and mentoring needs The new training and mentoring needs will be a mix between the old way of learning with books, classes, and tutors, with the new way of learning which is through online learning on the Internet. The traditional way of learning is in a classroom spending hours in group study understand the key concepts of the business. This was all the new hires to interact with each other and understand group skills and learn collaborative learning. This idea is being used in most business today, many businesses are using the group process to educate and expand the learning of the peers. Group training is important because in a group setting, many more ideas can be presented and learned, raising more questions for the trainers to answer, causing for the employees to learn every possible aspects and idea of the company’s goals, and what is required by the employee. Internet training will be important because with the Internet training can be updated, changed and altered rather quickly to change with the high demand and fast pace of most businesses today. With Internet training, this allow training to be done in less then a quarter of the time (2005, Cascio). Internet training will consist of individual work on an assigned computer where each employee will be able to determine their learning pace, and will be allowed to go through the training within the allotted time. This will allow each employee ample time, for those who are more rapidly then others, will give then additional time to go back and review concepts and ideas, while allowing the employees that are a little more slowly to catch up and learn the material that is being presented. Objectives of the training and mentoring program The objective of the training and mentoring program will be to provide the best quality training in the least

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