Management Behavior Essay

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MEMORANDUM To: Supervisor Team From: Management Date: November 19, 2009 Subject: InterClean–EnviroTech Merger This memo is to communicate that InterClean, Inc. has acquired EnviroTech, Inc. and plans to complete the merger in the coming months. This merger will allow the company to provide a turn-key solution for the customers including a full service contract for cleaning, training for employees, and sharing of information on regulation changes. This will be a significant change for employees and require caution in how to communicate the merging of job responsibilities. The management team must embrace the merger and understand that management behaviors will undergo scrutiny by employees who need a sense of security. The supervisor team behaviors can have direct and indirect impact to productivity. The following shows how behaviors could impact employees: a) Direct Impact – increased absenteeism, tardiness, grievances, accidents, machine downtime, quantity, and quality of productivity. b) Indirect Impact – Low motivation, dissatisfaction, communication breakdowns, faulty decision-making, distrust, animosity, and disrespect. The combined management team of InterClean and EnviroTech are confident that productivity can occur with the merger of employees and the expansion to new markets. The management team must use fairness and respect during the transition and maintain a good working relationship. During the transition please do not share personal opinions and the focus on safety should be important goals. Issues that arise during the transition can have a review by human resources for guidance on next steps. The company should use consistency with issue resolution so that employees can gain confidence in the system. Decreased productivity during the transition phase could reduce revenue for the first

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