Management And Leadership Of a Company Essay

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Management and Leadership of a Company “Organizational culture can loosely be defined as the shared assumptions, beliefs, and normal behaviors of a group” (Organizational Culture). A company or organization is the result of its management and leadership. That management and leadership develops and nurtures the company’s culture which provides the map to success. Leadership and management must work together and support one another in order for this success to happen. An example of leadership and management working together to create and maintain a healthy organizational culture is Outrigger Enterprises Group. In 60 years Outrigger Enterprises Group has grown from a small family operation with a handful of hotels in one location to an international company spread around the Pacific Rim. Initially, leadership and management simultaneously conducted by the company’s founders but as the company grew so did the span of control and need to delegate more of the management of different divisions. Management versus Leadership Leadership sets the direction or goals for a company through planning and strategy. Outrigger Enterprises Group’s leadership is a combination of the owners group and the board of directors. The company is privately held so the number of owners is small compared to a large publically traded corporation. The board of directors is a combination of owners, outside members, the Chief Executive Officer / President and key high-level vice-presidents. Strategic planning is usually conducted by the Chairman of the Board, the CEO/President and senior representative of the owners group. Strategy is further discussed with the board of directors who make recommendations to the owners group and in the end will abide by their wishes. When a goal is set, the CEO/President and highest-level vice-presents share it with their key managers and implement a

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