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Management and Leadership Paper The correct footing can help everyone through the right door. Today you will be shown the correct steps in creating leadership to maximize your business for success. We will show you correct way to laying the foundation of strong managers with correct leadership, creating healthy organization cultures and having key control mechanisms in place. Your workforce will have strong leadership in their management and a leading diverse workforce. Your business will be using the leverage of leadership to maximize business success. Management and leadership go hand in hand with any business. Organizational culture, managerial control, and leveraging diversity also are very important to management and leadership. Introduction to Leadership I. Management and Leadership a. Differences II. Managers b. Benefit the Organization i. Leadership Skills c. Effective Expectations ii. Increased Organizational Performance Organizational Culture I. Development: Managers Roles and Responsibilities a. Existing Culture b. Manager Characteristics i. Trust, Trustworthiness ii. Consistency, Empowerment, and Mentorship II. Employee Satisfaction c. Support System iii. Consistent Scrutiny iv. Empowering Employee Effectiveness Managerial Control I. Key Control Mechanisms a. Setting performance standards b. Measuring performance c. Taking action to correct problem and reinforce success II. Achieving Organizational Goals d. Applying to meet organizational goals Leveraging Diversity I. Best Practices: Leading a Diverse Workforce a. Why Manage Diversity b. Strategies in Leveraging Diversity i. Job Requirements vs. Transferrable Skills ii.

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