Management And Leadership Essay

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Management styles and practices must be adapted to specific situations, cultures, and environments. Effective management is necessary to carry out a successfully plan. While all leaders have a predominant style and approach to leadership challenges, successful leaders recognize the need to lead different in different situations. Management is planning and organizing projects and operations, allocating resources to minimize costs and maximize benefits, directing practices and procedures, establishing controls to measure the effectiveness and efficiencies, and motivating subordinates. Management is concerned with present activities and the immediate results of those activities. Leadership is more abstract when considered separately from management. Leadership is guiding a person or group toward the best results. It is having sound understanding to determine and ability to articulate visions and goals. Leadership is in par with management, but takes on precedence for strategic management and long-term success. Management of any organization has the responsibility of setting out the goals and objectives. It also sets the expectations of how employees are supposed to behave in various situations. As such, it outlines the overall organization culture. For culture to be effectively maintained in an organization, managers and leaders must act as followers and also leaders. Commitment and enthusiasm towards a person or an organization distinguishes effective and ineffective followers as well as leaders. A healthy organizational culture is based on mutual understanding and cooperation between the employees and the management. For a healthy organizational culture to be maintained, leaders and managers learn role decision making and law of cash plays in an organization. the managers and leaders have identified the relationship that exists between themselves and the

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