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Management and Leadership September 11, 2011 Angela Doty MGT 330 Management and Leadership The title “manager” has been associated with negative opinions but Magna International has set specific guidelines and values for each manager individual of the organization to follow. These guidelines and values are an essential position in the organization to conduct business and daily operations. The Code of Conduct policy clearly establishes the differences between the two roles. The definition of a manager is sufficient knowledge, effective, and skills in leadership. This does not necessarily mean a manager could be a leader. Managers manage and lead the organization with different impacts and outputs. Managers employed with Magna are good leaders but Magna knows the responsibilities of managers and leaders cannot be separated. Several administrators, supervisors, and upper-level management perform their duties without the responsibilities of a good leader. Managers can rise from other examples of managers if they learn to be efficient managers and leaders at the same time (Bateman & Snell, 2009). This paper will show the difference between management and leadership, roles and responsibilities, affects of globalization and management across borders, and two strategies. Magna has developed, designed, implemented guidelines and values of management and leaders to build a better today for a better tomorrow. Management and Leadership One of the most multipurpose jobs at Magna International is management. The Code of Conduct policy states managers follow the company policy by introducing them to company members, decisions on crucial information, and supervising individuals as needed ( 2011). Magna knows to be a successful manager these criteria must be done for business values, growth, and goals. Manager’s responsibilities are to follow the company

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