Management and Improvement Essay

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Project brief Project purpose and rationale The purpose of this project is to build customer goodwill and satisfy legal and ethical obligations by ensuring that our agents follow the standards or codes of conduct of the company. The company also want to enhance its commitment to clients, tenants and potential tenants Project Title Operation promote legal and ethical obligations Project purpose This project is to ensure that representatives / agents of Max Lionel Realty operate with high legal and ethical standards in other to achieve the mission, vision and values of the company Background and strategic context Currently, agents are unclear on overall strategic aims of MLR as clients feel it’s the agent’s obligation to fill rental/lease properties according to their wishes and tenants also complaining of residential agents being rude and insensitive. Hence this project seeks to inform and promote the legal and ethical knowledge of agents to be able to provide clients with high standard services as well as address grievances of tenants, which is in line with the vision and mission of the company Priority The priority of this project is to ensure that agents comply with legal and ethical standards of Max Lionel Realty. Related projects This project is related to WSHS and anti discrimination reforms. Project approvals: * Project Manager: Ace Consultations * Project Sponsor: Kim Sweeney (Operations manager of Max Lionel Realty) * Project client/owner: Max Lionel (CEO of Max Lionel Realty) PROJECT SCOPE In scope | Out of scope | Assumptions | Constraints | * Informing the agents about the project. * Promote what happens in terms of codes of conduct, standards of behaviour of agents * Communicate standards to key stakeholders | * Privacy legislation in details * Updating of company’s policy and

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