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Write a 1200-word (approx. 4 typed pages) essay explaining the themes and events we have covered so far in AMH 2010. Our first lecture was called: Contact, Colonization, and consequence. This first lecture was mighty interesting to me due to the fact that I learned that Christopher Columbus was not the first European to reach the New World. 3- I've always heard about the Sugar Act, but i am now familiar more than ever about it. I learned that the purpose of the sugar act (1764), which was passed by Great Britain, was just and necessary for covering the expenses of defending, protecting, and securing the colonies. Protesting started because some didn’t think that “it was just not right to just lay taxes on the people without their consent”(no taxation w/o representation.) George Grenville assumed his position as Prime Minister. His government tried to bring public spending under control and pursued a firm foreign policy which brought us the Stamp Act. Next, came the Stamp Act in 1765, which I also heard of but never really understood what it really was about. This was also a law passed by the British people. The purpose of this tax was to help pay for troops stationed in North America after the British victory in the Seven Years' War. Just like the Sugar Act, the stamp act required the colonies to bear Britain stamps on all legal documents. Which I believe was smart because now the colonies had no choice but to pay these taxes. Patrick Henry denounces the stamp act before the Virginia’s House of Burgesses ("Give me Liberty, or Give me Death!"). Indeed, the Sons of Liberty was formed by Sam Adams in response to this Act. That is all I found interesting during this lecture. 4- This lecture was very interesting and I really enjoyed it. Despite the Declaration declaring that "all men are equal" that really wasn't the case at first. Certain people could not

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