Management Accounting (General Motors)

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nageContents 1.0 Introduction 2 2.0 Profile of General Motors 2 3.0 Challenges facing in general motors Management Accounting 3 3.1 Environmental 3 3.2 Matric 3 3.3 Meters 3 3.4 Different analysis 3 3.5 Estimate 3 4.0 Positioning General Motors strategically 4 5.0 Core product of and life cycle of General Motors products 4 5.1 Introduction 4 5.2 Growth Phase 5 5.3 maturing stage 5 5.5 Decline stage 5 6.0 management techniques adopted at General Motors 5 6.1 Initiation 5 6.2 Adoption 6 6.3 Adaptation 6 6.4 Acceptance 6 7.0 Challenges facing the implementation of management techniques 7 8.0 Recommendation 7 9.0 conclusion 7 10.0 References 8 1.0 Introduction Managers face every time with the need to understand and control costs, important product decisions, coordinating resources, and to guide and motivate employees. Accounting and Information Management provides a framework to organize, evaluate and report on data exclusive view of the objectives of the organization. This information is for managers and other employees in the organization. Management accounting reports can be designed to meet the information needs of internal decision makers. Management may need information summaries prepared monthly for each unit of society. Engineer is responsible for the schedule of production planning need information is regularly updated, detailed information on the cost of alternative methods for the production of a product. Due to the intensity of competition and shorter life cycles of products and services, accounting and management is vital to the success of the organization. All managers need to understand the financial implications of their decisions. While accountants are available to assist in achieving and evaluating relevant information, individual managers are responsible for requesting information, analyse and make
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