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Patagonia Case Study Patagonia is a very successful business that has grown at a sensational pace. What is interesting about Patagonia is that the founder’s motivation was never solely about making money, profits and relaying hefty bottom lines. Other things mattered too! The business is very considerably motivated by a culture. This collaborative eco- friendly, holistic culture and well balanced values have been created and nurtured by Yvon Chouinard, his wife Malinda and their team. “Make the best quality product and cause no excess harm” (Merchant, 2007) shows the heart of their inspiration which was conveyed by Mr. Chouinard in the mid 90’s at Corporate Citizenship presented by former President Clinton. Yvon became increasingly concerned about the preservation of our natural environment and this would become ingrained in Patagonia’s culture. Life as an employee at Patagonia offered a relaxed, open, friendly and holistic community spirit. At Patagonia, employees can dress casually. Senior administrations were united in the same workplace as everybody and individuals were encouraged to contribute in asking any queries and offer responses that they may have. Although in the beginning there was no formal management control process based on financial objectives the strategic objective was always clear – Quality in all that they do and how they do it! Everybody was valued and people were expected to contribute. The performance-to-outcome expectancy is the individual’s perception that performance will lead to a specific outcome. The expectancy theory suggests that motivation depends on two things—how much we want something and how likely we think we are to get it. Considering the employee is underpaid and the performance to outcome expectancy, the employee will not work up to his full potential. The company will suffer

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