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Ethics is a growing concern in contemporary businesses as society put greater expectations on the development of ethics in real life practice due to its difficulty to be attained in reality (Barkemeyer et al. 2010, 377; Jones 1991, 366; Leonidou and Leonidou 2011, 68; Trevino 1986, 601). The Bangladeshi garment industry, as the world’s second largest clothing exporter after China, run the sweat shop activities which are considered unethical (Greenhouse 2013; Hundreds of 2013). After the Rana Plaza tragedy and Tazreen Fire, over 80 countries had signed up for the Accord on Fire and Building Safety (Hundreds of 2013; Retailers Sign 2013, 8). This has lead to an ethical dilemma of whether management should sign up to the safety accord which will bring benefits to the society even though it will be at great cost to the company (Murthy 2010, chap. 20; Pimentel, Kuntz and Elenkov 2010, 359). This essay will explore the application of the three ethical decision making models - the moral rights, justice and utilitarian models. Safety accord will be signed as it is the best decision for the long-term interests for the organisation based on the utilitarian approach. The Moral Right Approach Waddell, Jones and George (2011, 148) defined the moral rights model of ethics as the approach that best preserves and defends the essential rights and privileges of people affected by it. Additionally, Bird and Ponte (2006, 217), Samson and Daft (2010, 177) and Smith (1990, 4) commented that the moral rights principle safeguards the personal rights to life and safety of the industrial workers, which is beyond the ordinary protection of financial or property rights. Application of the moral rights are likely to lead the manager to sign up to the safety accord. Despite the fact that it is costly, positive outcomes would be resulted to the organisation and various stakeholders such as

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