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FACULTY OF MANAGEMENT AND ADMINISTRATION STUDENT ID: 140621 COURSE CODE: MAC 101 LECTURER: Mrs Mupanduki DUE DATE: 7 October Why has Frederick Taylor been called “The father of scientific Management” and why is Henri Fayol known as “the father of modern operational management theory”. Frederick Taylor often referred to as the Father of Scientific Management is the best known of all scientific managers. His primary aim was to increase worker efficiency by scientifically designing jobs. His basic premise was that there was one best way of completing a job and that that way should be discovered and put into operation. He believed that the most prominent single element in modern scientific management is the task idea. The work of every workman is fully planned out by the management at least one day in advance , each man receives in most cases complete written instructions describing in detail the task which is to accomplish as well as the means to b used in doing the work. “Scientific management is not an efficiency device, not a device of any kind for securing efficiency, nor is it a bunch or group of efficiency devices. It is not a new system of figuring costs in essence scientific management involves a complete mental revolution on the part of the working man engaged in a particular establishment or industry, a complete mental revolution on the part of these men as to their duties toward their work, toward their fellow men, and toward their employers. And without this complete mental revolution on both sides scientific management does not exist.” Taylor’s testimony before the Special House Committee. As a result of these hearings, his fame spread. Scientific management and Frederick Taylor became synonyms terms. In some quarters, the system of shop management that he advocated became known as the Taylor system. Henri Fayol commonly referred to as the

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