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CASE 1 McDonald’s: Grilling Up an Empire 1. a. As a sign of changing political climate between the United States and Soviet Union market, however, was not without difficulty. According Tony Royle, “establishing such a well-known US icon in the former Soviet bloc was not a straight forward matter. It took 14 years of difficult negotiations, by highly persistent group of McDonald’s manager.” b. With the awareness of brands and brand development; McDonald’s faced a challenge that needed some serious considerations in order to ensure its chances of success in international markets. To improve their chances of success, McDonald’s would need to understand the local cultures and develop a strategy that would match up with the expectations of the local customer base. 2. Board of Directors, Top Managers, Middle Managers and Team Leaders exist within McDonald’s Corporation. Board of Directors - are supposed to make sure an organization is run right. Top Managers - guides the performances of the organization as a whole or of one of its major parts. Middle Managers – oversee the work of large departments or divisions. Team Leader – report to middle managers and supervise non managerial workers. 3. McDonald’s can be able to develop managerial skills and competencies necessary to continue their success in the future through providing trainings to specific managerial skill to be able to enhance such. 4. McDonald’s international operation is currently up to date. The products really adopted what the market wants even when it comes with the prices. For further international expansion, I feel that McDonald’s management did great and will be able to cope with the trend and development. ORODIO, RONALD JR. R. GLOREBEL B.

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