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Leadership from theory to practical: the emergence of women as the leader Introduction: Leadership is a function, which is essential at all levels of management. In the top level, it is important for getting co-operation in formulation of plans and policies. In the middle and lower level, it is required for understanding and execution of plans and programs framed by the top management. Leadership can be applied through supervision and counseling of the subordinates at the time of carrying out of plans. The leaders, i.e., the managers are said to be the representative of the enterprise. They have to represent the concern at seminars, conferences, general meetings, etc. their roles are to communicate the rationale of the enterprise to external public. They are also representative of the own department that they lead. The leaders through leadership traits help to merge the personal goals of the employees with the organizational goals. They seek to co-ordinate the efforts of people towards a common purpose and thereby achieve objectives. The leaders must possess the three dimensional traits. They sometimes like friend by sharing the feelings, opinions and desires with the employees. Besides, they also can be philosophers by utilizing his intelligence and experience and thereby guiding the employees. In addition, they can be guides by supervising and communicating the employees the plans and policies of top management, securing co-operation to achieve the common goals. The idea that women are effective leaders has jumped from the writers of feminist trade books on management (e.g., Helgesen, 1990; Rosener, 1995) to the mainstream press and is steadily making its way into the popular culture. Articles in newspapers and business magazines reveal a cultural realignment in the United States that proclaims a new era for female leaders. As Business Week announces that

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