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The path, flow and mission – Globally Distributed Work “Necessity is the mother of invention” and so is “development is the mother of innovation”! There is growth of business every day, which does not definitely restrict itself to the size of the business but its form as well. This is the reason why the sole proprietor ship paved the way for partnership, private companies and public companies and so on. Gone are the days where lecturers need to lecture about the origin of business from barter system and an age where there was no common medium of exchange, and a measure of value, to a state where money was invented. Now the economy is going back to a state where you do not need the paper money to finish a transaction. When India opened her gates for other Countries to do trade in this Century, she had the least fear of History being repeated, The East India Company opening up their show in India and invading the country. Like India, many other Countries safeguarded themselves against the dangers of invasion and entered into valid trade with other countries. This as the prime step exchanged the ideas of expertise and special features of a country to the other one. Some people termed it as BPO and some countries gave a different name - process and objective being the same. The business will concentrate in the main business and ancillary services will be handed over to groups specializing on the particular business. Innovation in this GDW will require the necessities to come up through development. The evolution can be traced to BPO and offshore outsourcing and followed by GDW. Within the past decade, everyday life in the economically advanced regions of the world has been touched and in some parts substantially transformed by the advent of the Internet. The sheer scale that the system has attained in so brief a time is breathtaking. It may be regarded as the

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