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A business is influenced by the environment in which it operates and the success of any business is dependent on its ability to adapt to its environment. The complexity of this reality for business owners is compounded by the fact that there are many different environments that each business operates within. There is the macroenvironment, which in today’s global economy refers to the whole world, where events often indirectly impact on businesses and there is the microenvironment, local events and circumstances which directly affect and interact with a business. Business environment is of two types- (i) Micro environment or the internal environment (ii) Macro environment or the external environment (i) Micro environment / Internal Environment of Business Micro environment comprises of the factors in the immediate environment of the company that affect the performance of the company. In includes the suppliers, competitors, Marketing intermediaries, customers, pressure groups and the general public. Supplier form an important factor of the micro environment of business as the importance of reliable sources of supply are obvious. Supplier include the financial labor input. Stock holders, banks and other similar organizations that supply money to the organization are also termed as suppliers. Managers always strive to ensure a study flow of inputs at the lowest price. Customers are also an important factor in the internal environment of business. The customers or the clients absorb the output of an organization and a business exists to meet the demands of the customers. Customers could be individuals, industries, government and other institutions. Labor force is also an important part of the internal environment of business. Other than these the business associates, competitors, regulatory agencies and the marketing intermediaries are also a part of the micro

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