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Introduction This review critically evaluates the article “The context of Organisational Behaviour”. Christopher Deal draw attention to the article with the context of the organisation systems and interdependence on others, importance of relationships in organisational operations, management of diversity and lastly the importance of culture in influencing values. The purpose of the article was to examine this perspective in order to help managers deal with matters within an organisation from stance of knowledge and understanding, rather than guesswork and out-dated methods. Literature Review The Context of Organisational Behaviour is an article written by Christopher Deal which uses text from books that are outdated in comparison to the modern world today. He uses language that is ambiguous and most writing is lifted ideas from authors of different books and journals. The article is rather well related to the subject of organisational behaviour. It highlights some high points in the text and some weak points are also mentioned. These points are: Christopher Deal began by introducing an organisation as a system that has dynamic processes the reshape the system in the reaction to sub-systems and other related elements. Here the ideas of Cohen, Fink, Gadon and Willits from the Book Effective Behaviour in Organisations have been used to further explain how the organisations operate. This can be further explained and in even more simple terms of an organisation being a social unit of people that is prepared and managed to meet a need or to pursue combined goals. All organisations have a management formation that determines dealings between the diverse activities and the members, and subdivides and assigns roles, responsibilities, and authority to carry out different tasks. Organisations are open systems--they affect and are affected by their situation.

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