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Week-1 An Introduction to Management Chapter Content: • The concept of manager and management • Efficiency and Effectiveness • Importance of Management • Management functions/process • Kinds of managers • Basic managerial roles and skills • Importance of management • The Science and the Art of Management. Introduction: Managing is necessary whenever one needs to get things done. It may be called the practice of consciously and continually shaping organizations. Each and every organization has people who are entrusted with responsibility of helping the organization achieve its goals. Those people are called managers. No organization can carry out its business without management, which is in turn supervised by managers. Management is a group effort to achieve objectives under the leadership of a manager. The Concept of Manager: Management is essential to ensure the coordination of individual efforts within an organization. It is exciting because it deals with setting, seeking and reaching objectives of an organization. Each and everyone of us is a manager and the practice of management is found in every facet of human endeavor-educational institutions, business, government or non-government organizations, associations and families. Whatever may be the type of organization, the managerial hurdles to overcome for setting and achieving objectives are surprisingly similar for all organizations. Managing is universal. Every group effort requires setting objectives, making plans, handling people, coordinating and controlling activities, achieving goals and evaluating performance directed toward organizational goals. These activities relate to the utilization of four types of resources: 1. Human Resources- include managerial and employees’ talent, skill, expertise, motivation 2. Financial Resources- financial capital the organization uses to finance both

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