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«ЗАТВЕРДЖУЮ» Ректор ________ В.С.Курило «_____» _______________ 2013 р. ПРОГРАМА фахового вступного випробування спеціальність 7.02030302 „Мова і література (англійська)” освітньо-кваліфікаційний рівень „спеціаліст” 1. The subject of contrastive typology and its theoretical and practical aims. 2. The principal terms and notions of contrastive typology (isomorphic / allomorphic features and phenomena, absolute/near universals, typological constants, idiomatic, dominant and recessive features, etc.). 3. Kinds of typological investigations / various typologies (special typology, level typologies, areal typology, etc.). 4. The typological method vs. the historical and comparative method, the contrastive linguistic method of investigation. 5. The principal linguistic methods employed in contrastive typology (the comparative, the inductive/deductive methods, the ICs, the transformational and substitutional methods, Greenberg's indexes method). 6. The contribution to contrastive typological investigations of the brothers F. and A. Schlegel and of W. Humboldt, H. Steinthal and others in the 19th century linguistics. 7. Prague school of linguists (V. Mathesius, N. Trubetskoy, V. Skalicka, R. Jakobson and others) and their contribution to typological investigations. 8. 20th century linguists (E. Sapir, J. Greenberg, O. Isachenko, N. Ya, Marr, M. Kalynovych, D. Arakin, Y. Zhluktenko) and their contribution to typological and contrastive linguistics. 9. The dominant typical features of a language vs. the structural type of this language. 10. Lexicology as a branch of Linguistics. 11. Word. Its main characteristics. Regional varieties of the English language. 12. English word-building. 13. Stylistically differentiated vocabulary. 14. Lexical

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