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Management [pic] Odwalla Crisis Module: Management Done by : Content 1 Executive Summary 2 Introduction Of Company 3 SWOT 4 Details of Crisis 5 Marco Environment 5.1 Political & Economy 5.2 Social 5.3 Technology 6 Decision making method 7 Competitive Strategy Adopted 7.1 CEO Motto 7.2 Competitive Strategy 7.3 Organizational Structure 7.4 Organizational Structure Chart 7.5 Organization Culture 7.6 Innovation 8 Internal Environment 8.1 Managing Changes 8.2 Managing Stress 8.3 Remuneration 9 Conclusion (Yet to come out with it) 10 Reference Annex A 1. Executive Summary We have been hired as consultants to provide feedback and advice to Odwalla on their crisis, which have been confronted with striking crisis during October 1996. We will advise them how they should be prepared, identifying the organizational structure adopted by their organization. Providing more relevant training to the managers, we will help to plan and manage the crisis in the most effective manner. During a crisis, there will be changes that may be necessary and how managers can manage resistance to changes. We believe that everyone in the organization would feel aggravated about dealing with the crisis. We will be showing different ways to reduce job/crisis related stress and the relevant motivation theories that managers could apply to motivate employees. 2. Introduction of Company (June) Odwalla is an American nutritional food product company that sells fruit juice, smoothies, soy- based drinks, including organic soy milk and nutritional food bars. Its beverages are sold at natural food stores, supermarkets, and specialty outlet in the US. It was

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