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nag1 Management and Leadership Felicia Tate-Harris MGT/330 – Week Five 06/06/2012 Herbert D. Johnson 2 Introduction It is important that leadership and management go hand-in-hand. Although they are not the same, they are essentially linked together and they complement each other. When management tries to separate the two they will discover that it causes more problems than it solves. Leadership is setting a new direction and vision for a group that they follow. Management controls and directs people and resources in a group according to principles and values that have already been established by management and the company. The manager’s job consists of planning, organizing and coordinating. Leadership is a feature of management. Managers are also considered administrators. They prepare business plans, budgets and monitor the progress. Leaders are innovators who convince organizations and people to change to the best of their ability for the greater good of the company. Management is considered a function that must be utilized by any business, leadership is considered a relationship between the leader and the people he is leading to better energize the organization. Boeing Corporation Management planning is a necessary task for a company as gigantic and complicated as Boeing Corporation. Boeing is the world's top aerospace company and the largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft in the world. The company provides many military 3 and commercial airline support services. The company operates on a global level and it’s provides products to customers around the world. They produce high end aircraft for both commercial and military organizations. The products manufactured are primarily needed to carry passengers, cargo, and perform military operations. Aircraft used for these purposes are strictly regulated due

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