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Business Informatics Exam: * Case Study one in Chapter 3 * Case Study two and structure is Extended abstract of learning. * Check our exam preparation slides * Paper Exam * All Multiple choice * Chapter 5 and 6 Processes * Label textbook * Report in Solutions Transcripts Week 6 or 7 or 8 * Find this document in solutions * Challenging that extended abstract of learning * If you have completed Assignment you should understand it * Go through the exam and the assignment. * 8 Question relating to the project worth 5 marks each * 2 Hour Exam * 60 marks can be awarded * 20 Question (1 MARK EACH) * ½ a minute on each question THINGS YOU NEED TO STUDY FOR EXAM 1. What does a test plan consist of? (Chapter 11) Test Plan Definition: A plan designed by a systems analyst that includes test Steps and test data for integration testing and system testing. Consists: * Unit Testing * Integration Testing (also known as Link Testing) * System Testing 2. What is a user interface that allows users to interact with graphical objects and pointing devices? (Chapter 8) Graphical user Interface (GUI) It uses icons, graphical objects, and pointing devices. 3. What is the process for developing a project plan? (Chapter 3) 1. Identifying Tasks 2. Estimating 4. Describe the difference between integration testing, unified testing, unit testing and sub testing? (Chapter 11) PG 515-516 Also read answer to Question 1 5. Describe the difference between the systems analysis phase, systems design phase, systems planning phase and systems implementation phase? What do we call it and why? (Chapter 1) Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) 6. Describe a network topology that is highly redundant (Chapter 10) 7. Describe the features of a Gantt Chart (

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