Management Essay

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|[pic] | |ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET | | | |Manual submission | | | | | |UNIT |STUDENT NAME (print clearly) |STUDENT ID. NO. | |Code: HST3501 |BHANDERI DIVYA |10069549 | |TITLE: HEALTH RESEARCH PROJECT |SURNAME/FAMILY NAME FIRST NAME | | |LECTURER NAME (print clearly) |DUE DATE | |DR. DIANNE HAWK |7th november 2011 | |TOPIC OF ASSIGNMENT | |How does knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions regarding second hand smoke has its effects on the health. | |GROUP/TUTORIAL (if applicable) |COURSE |CAMPUS | | |BIOMEDICAL SCIENCE |JOONDALUP | |I certify that the attached assignment is my own work and that any material drawn from other sources has been |OFFICE USE ONLY | |acknowledged.

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