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Participative management is when employees have some control over and say in setting goals, making decisions, solving problems and making changes in the organization (p.363). Participative management can help improve employee performance by increasing their intrinsic motivation. The structure of participative management appeals to our sense of choice, meaningfulness and competence. Knowledge sharing is one way to improve decision making in an organization. Explicit knowledge can be shared through Knowledge Management software systems that allow businesses to share vast amounts of information and quickly receive customer feedback. Tacit knowledge is acquired through participating in activities or observing others. Meetings and networking can also help to share knowledge. The Rational Model of decision making creates a four-step process for managers to make decisions. Step one is to identify the problem, step two is generate solutions, step three is choose a solution and step four is to use the solution and evaluate it. Whereas Simon’s Normative model is more limiting as managers can only choose from certain solutions allowed by the organization. Decision-making styles can tell you a lot about a person. It shows you about a person’s value orientation, which looks at how much a person focuses on a specific task and its concerns or people and the social concerns when making a decision. The second thing a decision can show is a persons tolerance for ambiguity, whether they are directive conceptual, behavior or analytical. The stages of creativity are preparation, being the start of thinking process or a persons knowledge set. The next stage is concentration when a person starts to focus on the problem. The next stages are incubation, illumination and verification. The incubation stage is done unconsciously as the persons mind thinks the situation over. The

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