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Supply Chain Management Karen Bonham Operations Management September 15, 2011 ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY Thun, J. (2010, Apr. ) Angles of integration: an empirical analysis of the alignment of Internet-based information technology and global supply chain integration. Journal of Supply Chain Management, (Vol. 46). (2), 30. Retrieved from The author, an associate professor at the Mannheim Business School at Mannheim University in Germany, uses information from 205 plants, which was collected during a High Performance Manufacturing project. The main subject of this article is the relationship of the focus and implementation degree of Internet-base information technology applications and the scope of process-oriented integration in global supply chains. The types of supply chain integrations are reviewed and analyzed by using information on how/if the supply chain groups and IT groups align their goals to complement each other. The information in this paper can help companies evaluate their IT and global supply chain departments by looking for mismatched strategies in each group and find alternate solutions to help the two groups align their strategies so they can be more effective and efficient. Tan, K. C. &Wisner, J. D. (2000,Fall) Supply Chain Management and Its Impact on Purchasing. Journal of Supply Chain Management, (Vol. 36). (4), 33. Retrieved from The authors, Tan, an assistant professor of operations management and Wisner, an associate professor of management at the University of Nevada, use information gained from a comprehensive survey performed on different supply chain managements. The main subject

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