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To discuss ways in which a modern day manager would benefit from the study of historical development of management, it is foremost important for a clear and cohesive understanding to be established of how the past has contributed to management today and further how it has developed throughout history. There are many different aspects of management that have been established and reshaped over time, each of these having several key contributors which have highlighted important approaches in not only how to manage but also the effects that different managerial styles can have within an organisation. In extending the knowledge of past management theories, it is important to distinguish between these and how ‘the knowledge gained through these past experiences can and should be used as a foundation for future success’ (Schermerhorn et al 2011, p.87). ‘Today, the roles and standing of many employees is forever changing, change…is the most persistent, pervasive and powerful area of challenge that any manager will have to deal with in any geographical area of the industrialised world‘ (Hitt, Black, Porter & Hanson 2007, p.5). Studying history in general, aids as a powerful resource in helping to understand why we are, how we got here and the journey that was taken. Foundations are what make everything; both society and organisations rely on the foundations in helping to remain stable and more importantly in preparing and planning for the future. It is both the failures and triumphs throughout history that help compile a continued understanding of the theories that work and those that don’t. Management has been developed over the course of our history and continues to be a building block for everything within an organisation. ‘The history of management can be found in traces dating back to 5000 BC’ (Schermerhorn et al 2011, p.87), again through the rise of the Roman

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