Manage Stress Essay

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Manage Your Stress There is such a variety of stress management activities one can choose from to help our mind relax and decrease the stress. Relaxation techniques like yoga help our breathing do the work. Physical activities that help your mind concentrate on the movement of your body like jogging. Also, literate activities like reading books to wonder your minds to something imagery and distracting. There is also those who cope negatively with stress or don’t know how, these are some ways that are easy to do and could help your stress. The first time, I was introduced to yoga was when I was in dance class before Christmas break to be exact. I found yoga very relaxing and peaceful. Yoga doesn’t have to be preposterous poses or you don’t have to be extremely flexible. There is one kind of yoga that pertains entirely to the process of the respiration. “Yoga breathing (pranayama) - traditional breathing techniques” ( is the name of this relaxation activity. The first step to the process is high breathing which concentrates on the lungs and chest expanding in and out. The second part is the lower parts of the lungs and chest called the low breathing. This part is more effective than high breathing because it moves the abdomen part in and out and the diaphragm in different positions. The middle breathing consists of the middle pats of the lungs concentrating on it with a shallow breathing inhalations and exhalations. The whole process is called the complete breath, combining all three processes to strengthen the respiratory system using all parts of your body to move as your lungs expand to full capacity. This yoga breathing process may seem complicated but your breathing makes it really easy because the whole time is completely relaxing your interior and mind. ( Secondly, a physical activity like jogging is an
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