Manage Programs That Promote Personal Effectiveness

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Question: The management of your organisation plans to introduce a healthy canteen and all of the unhealthy foods (which are very popular) are going to be removed. There are no alternative food outlets near your workplace. You are responsible for the introduction of the program in the workplace but not for the management of the canteen. That function has been outsourced and contracts signed. You have advocated for the introduction of a healthy canteen as part of an overall personal effectiveness program, the need for which has arisen from your analysis of employee health. You were not aware that management was about to make a decision about the canteen. The personal effectiveness program has been running successfully for about three months. You are concerned that the healthy canteen initiative may impact negatively on your current programs. Describe: • How you will introduce the concept of a healthy canteen to the workers • How you will deal with negative reactions • How you will get the workers to support the canteen and the menu A workplace health program is undertaken in the workplace to support the health and well-being of every employee. Taking this into consideration, a healthy canteen concept has to be introduced to the workers through a nutrition program. The first step is to introduce the concept and identify the needs of employees. For a healthy canteen to be successful, it is essential that all employees are engaged in the personal effectiveness program. The best way to achieve this is to ensure your program is relevant to the needs of the organisation and its employees. Identifying these needs allows you to better understand the organisation’s work environment. This will help to determine the priorities for the program and therefore, develop a healthy canteen that responds to employee needs and aligns with the organisation’s goals and
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