Manage Personal Work Priorities Essay

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Q1. based on your own personal work experiences, what behaviors and characteristics do you consider managers should demonstrate? The terms of reference are qualified managers engaged in management activities, the higher the position of managers, the greater its power. Organizations or groups must give mangers a certain authority. If a manager in a particular post, but no corresponding powers, so he is unable to carry out management work. Responsibility is a basic requirement for managers, while managers are delegated authority should be the fate of the respective organizations or bodies bear responsibility for the organization or the members of the group bears a corresponding obligation. Powers and responsibilities should be synchronized growth and decline, the greater the power, the more severe liability. In comparison, the nature of the responsibility, authority is only a means to make the responsibility, the responsibility is the real symbol of the managers is more than power. No matter what type of organization managers, regardless of what he was in management levels, all managers need to have some management skills, such as Technical skills, design skills, personal skills. Q2. Explain, in your own words, the distinction between a leader and a manager. The biggest difference between leaders and managers is in the way they motivate the people who follow or work for them. Managers have subordinates, unless their title is given as a mark of seniority and honorary, while leaders do not. In terms of approach, a leader sets the direction while a manager plans the details. Leaders appeal to the heart while managers appeal to the head. A leader’s energy is passion, and that of the manager is control. Q3. What strategies could be implemented in a workplace to enhance the levels of employee job satisfaction? Salary, working environment, final year Reward and home
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