Manage Personal Work Priorities Essay

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Manage Personal Work Priorities Question 1 Explain why team members and managers require clearly established job descriptions and goals to effectively manage and measure their own performance. We all require clearly established job descriptions as it provides each individual with a well defined list of duties that are expected to be performed during the course of our employment. It allows an individuals success in a position to be measured and an achievable outcome to be gained. A job description specifies the duties, tasks and activities that are required to perform a job. They should also outline any internal and external relationships required for the job as well as all the responsibilities and accountabilities required. The job description also allows for any other relevant information to be noted that may be required to perform the job. When producing a job description it is important to keep in mind the goals that may need to be set in order to achieve the desired outcomes. Each individual would be able to establish their own goals for a job and measure their performance through appraisal. By having a job description in place it gives a manager an opportunity to establish whether the goals are being met and if the performance is adequate for the position. At the completion of an appraisal process changes may need to be made to suit the individual’s job description and in many cases highlight a need for further training and development. Question 2 Describe, and provide examples of a simple method for establishing the priority of work tasks. A simple method for establishing the priority of work tasks is to write yourself a “To do List” at the commencement of each day or week depending on your needs. I would personally write one at the commencement of every day to establish the specific daily priorities. In writing a
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