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BSBMGT502B MANAGE PEOPLE ASSIGNMENT Activity 1 Workplace Policies and Procedures a. What are your organisation’s policies and procedures regarding counselling underperforming employees? The term counselling refers to the discussion and investigation of problems which affect an employee’s work performance or behaviour in an effort to discover answers to on-the-job problems. COUNSELLING POLICY 1. Counselling will offer support in ensuring employees reach the required standards of their roles and to be more independent and capable of resolving their own problems. 2. Any employee who is identified by management for counselling will not be disadvantaged in any respect. 3. Conducting counselling discussions is a management responsibility. 4. All counselling will be strictly confidential and handled in a consistent and fair manner. PROCEDURES In accordance with the objectives of counselling the primary focus of the counselling is to identify the shortcoming in work performance or conduct and to jointly construct a program to overcome those problems. Stage 1: Informal Procedure 1. If managers have concerns about an employee’s performance, the first step is to hold a meeting with the employee to discuss these concerns. There may be reasons for the underperformance (work and non-work related). These may include: lack of training, bullying or harassment, problems with supervision, personal issues outside work, workload issues, ill-health etc. 2. The informal stage encourages early discussion of issues and identification of potential solutions. The aim at this stage is to offer support and assistance in helping the member of staff reach the required standard of performance. Appropriate support services such as Learning and Development and Occupational Health may also be utilised at this stage. 3. Conduct the

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