"Man vs Animal"

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“Man vs. Animals” Man as well as the animals is born alike, from the womb of the mother. At the same time, man has much differences in which distinguishes him from other animals and makes him superior to them. The basic features distinguishing man from other living creatures are that his civilization depends on the source of what is known as human culture. The kingdoms of nature are expressions of the many degrees of progression achieved by God over eons of time. People living close to nature, like the American Indians, were responsive of the surface and central relations among the kingdoms. They viewed animals as spiritually important and thanked, praised, or even asked forgiveness of the spirit of the animals to uphold themselves and their cultures. On the other hand, traditional Western beliefs had different thoughts of animals and that they had souls but deny the only ideal of any spiritual reality and significance. In this sense all lives on Earth have their own miniature worlds inside each other and the value of realization of characteristic of each of the planet's kingdoms are very important. To use ourselves as an example, we have a physical body formed of minerals, which act through the autonomic and more primitive parts of the nervous system. This allows humans to have an emotional or animal nature that permits a higher intellectual or strictly human nature, as well as spiritual and divine aspects. We can see in ourselves how each one of the characteristics is necessary to function as a complete person. From the perspective of knowledge, an animal cannot escape from the four prisons framework of the outer surface, the individuality, the living environment, and the present time. The physical interdependence among humans and animals is abundantly demonstrated by science. Yet, the emotional and spiritual relationship is less obvious than those
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