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Man of Sorrows I wasn’t very excited at first to go to the museum because I am more of science museum type of person and are not usually very thrilled of art museums but this was different. I think I wasn’t very thrilled is probably because I had never gone to one before and just thought it was going to be too different for my liking. I was definitely wrong by that, it was actually pretty fun and interesting seeing all the displays. It was hard to choose which art piece to talk about mainly due to so many really good art works. One painting that I found particularly moving was titled Man of Sorrows by Luis de Morales. This painting, an oil painting, was a work that portrayed Jesus right before he was hung on the cross. Jesus is sitting on a wooden bench while the cross is sitting off to the left. On the ground, near his feet is the hammers and nails used to hang him on the cross. He is already wearing the crown of thorns. I'm not really sure why I chose this piece. I found it pretty touching. Not only was it well done, but it had a lot of meaning behind it, at least to me. I am Catholic so I grew up learning about Christ and his life. Therefore, this painting had meaning behind it. I could understand the story and the sadness in his face. One of the biggest reasons I liked it was how smooth it looks and its hard to describe, but I just really liked it. Also the painting was made in 1560 in oil. I have been affected by this work in a positive way. I suppose, in a way, this painting has almost changed the way I view artwork. I never hated art, but I was also never really interested in it. After seeing this painting, I have come to enjoy some works of art. This painting was really touching and inspiring, as were other art pieces but it was hard to decide on which one to choose and talk about. Luis de Morales was a Spanish painter that painted

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