Man Playing God Essay

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Man Playing God The possibility of using embryonic stem cells for scientific research has started a debate that reaches across philosophical, moral, political, and cultural lines because the process of gathering embryonic stem cells involves the destruction of the embryo itself. The evidence in the article Update: Stem-Cell Research, for either side, is inadequate to be called evidence. It primarily consists of maybes. Advocates of embryonic stem cell research want us to believe that it is almost a miracle cure for just about everything that afflicts the human body. Here we go again, almost and maybes. The advocates of stem cell research are selling the idea that utilitarianism is validated by maybes. It is acceptable to murder human embryos in the interest of all the people that research would help cure but no actual uses in the treatment of disease have been discovered (Update: Stem-Cell Research, 2007). According to The National Institutes of Health, as of January 7, 2011, no cure has been accomplished (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2011). We have been taught in our modern culture to believe in science; doctors and scientists are supposed to be infallible in their thoughts. We are taught to believe in their knowledge and wisdom. Let us examine when scientists were not scientists but were called alchemists using magic to enrich the king. There were many charlatans. The charlatans become known as puffers. Their failures founded the science of chemistry and they became known as scientists. It appears that many of the scientists today are still waving handkerchiefs and hiding things up their sleeves. My concern over this issue is one that is not mentioned in the article. There is an old adage that if something can go wrong it will. Let us examine some of the other miracles that science has gifted us with over the past century. DDT

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