Man for All Seasons Essay

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If one is a scriptwriter, they are seeking to propose a play that intrigues the audience, brings attention to a certain topic, has depth, and causes a questioning mindset to further educate viewers. In Robert Bolts’ “A Man For All Seasons”, he demonstrates these qualities especially well. “A Man For All Seasons” was Bolt’s third play and first masterpiece. The Broadway production ran for 637 performances, winning four Tony Awards. The film also won an Academy Award for "Best Picture" in 1967 (Greene).The play was widely publicized and so well liked that in 1966 it was created into a film. Because of Bolt’s extensive historical knowledge of past humanists, he was able to create a detailed historic film (“Man,” Cenage). “A Man For All Seasons” became critically acclaimed. Its popularity caused many reactions and opinions as to whether or not this picture was historically accurate. Films are made for the purpose of entertainment, generally not for education. It is highly unlikely that one will be able to create a script that is entertaining, while remaining completely true to history. The never dull film “A Man For All Seasons” is exceptional because of its ability to entertain viewers as well as educating them with a detailed glimpse of humanistic ideals. When proving something from the past, historical accuracy is very important. History is concrete evidence and when used, it is the basis of your entire argument. But, there is such a thing as good history and bad history. Bad history is typically false, fake or inaccurate. Good history is factual history. Using the most accurate history is crucial because if not, your argument is invalid or it can have false interpretations. When observing a period piece from historical times, it is a good idea to question yourself whether or not this art is good or bad history. The Academy Award is the highest honor that can be

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