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Lindsay Kimmel ACP English II December 16, 2005 INSERT AMAZING TITLE HERE Robert Bolt’s play, A Man for All Seasons, portrayed the events leading up to the execution of Sir Thomas More, a strict Catholic and well-regarded lawyer. More unwittingly became a martyr after he was put to death for opposing the divorce that King Henry VIII desired from Queen Catherine of Aragon and for refusing to acknowledge the King’s superiority over all foreign monarchs. In the process, he brought his family down financially and emotionally, terminated his friendship with The Duke of Norfolk, and was forced into imprisonment for months. In one of the most climatic scenes in the play, More’s beloved daughter begged him to agree to the supremacy oath and come home, asking him, “Haven’t you done as much as God can reasonably want?” (Bolt 141). More’s reply revealed that his opposition to the King was not a mattered of reason, but a matter of love. More caused himself and those close to him a surplus of agony as a result of his disobedience due to his love for God, justice, and the King. More’s unremitting desire to worship God was evident. Throughout the play, he frequently extolled God through common dialogue and through prayer. Also, he would not allow a promising young man marry his daughter because he was a Lutheran, and in More’s opinion, a heretic. More clearly placed God in his life first, before his King, family, and his freedom. He refused to take the oath, even though he knew in his heart that would not mean it because he saw that as disloyalty. In addition, never once did he become angry with God for placing him in such a position. The worse his situation became, the more he would rely on God to assist him through it. When More went in front of the jury at his trial that his love for God caused, he stated, “I make my petition to Almighty God that He will

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