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For all Seasons Kendall 1 Analysis of a Movie and a Play Recently, a major assignment was given: the comparison and contrasts between the movie and the play A Man for All Seasons. Here, there are far more comparisons than contrasts. Never the less, the 1966 movie-version is almost wholly based upon the play. Robert Bolt’s play, A Man for All Seasons, has a movie-version based on it where sameness pertains to characters and situation, for example; and differences lie mainly in setting and its details. To begin, had the movie-version of Robert Bolt’s tale differed too greatly from its original, the story would be lost. Therefore, in his version of A Man for All Seasons, Fred Zinnemannn needed to hold true to the plot and characterization of Robert Bolt’s play. The movie and play are nearly identical in terms of plot points. Both versions of Bolt’s tale depict the scandalous relationship between King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, ending in the King’s self-declaration as head of the church in England and separation from the Catholic Church. In Both versions Thomas More stands up for his beliefs and refuses to argue in favor of the King before the Pope. More’s morality leads to King Henry VIII to separate England from the Vatican’s influence in order to satisfy his personal desires. For the first time in History the monarch of England divorces to marry another and England becomes a Protestant country. Henry’s anger drives him to hate his Lord Chancellor and former friend. Because Thomas More refuses to help end a true marriage for the King, he is cast out as a traitor to the Crown and imprisoned in The Tower of Kendall 2 London. More is eventually tried in a biased court and executed for his crime against the crown. Both versions of Bolt’s classic tale depict this plot line identically. Without all characters remaining intact in their respective roles

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