Man for All Seasons Essay

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Molly Birth World History Blackwood Man for all Seasons Essay In Robert Bolts book A Man for All Seasons Sir Thomas More the main character struggles with standing up for what he believes in. This Novel has many conflicts both internal and external. His Wife does not understand, he faces himself, and he faces death and even chooses death. Thomas dies because he stands for what he believes in. He does not fall into bribery and stays strong when he is in jail. Thomas knows what is right and is not going to let anyone change that. Alice More does not understand why Thomas is not choosing the easy way out. He has the option of life or death. This conflict is an external because she is angry with him and mad that she isn’t choosing life. Thomas does not want to take the easy way out, is not backing down from his beliefs, and he is remaining the religion he grew up. Thomas is not the kind of man to take the easy way out. He does not like to even fall into temptation with bribery. He also is not a man that back down from what he believes he truly right. He will fight without violence to keep his beliefs strong. He also is not going to leave a religion he grew up with because his King is being selfish. Thomas does not stand down and protest for his rights and what he knows is right. Thomas is faced with his own decision of life or death. This is an internal conflict because he struggles with himself. He wants his family, but he wants to do the right thing, and he wants to stand up for himself. Alice his wife is angry with him making Thomas angry with himself for not choosing his family. It is hard on both of them. But Thomas wants to do the right thing and not be bullied even if everyone else is giving in. Thomas chooses to stand up for him and does not back down. He picked death to give himself freedom instead of being free but chained down by the king. Choosing Death

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