Man Escaped Analysis

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My film is addressing the growing addiction to heroin amongst teenagers and young adults in our country. Teens first get hooked by taking pharmaceuticals prescribed by a doctor such as vicodin. This becomes the gateway drug to heroin. Drug addiction is the major reoccurring theme through this treatment. While producing this film I would use elements of a neorealist film. I would use nonprofessional actor. Filming on location and using natural lighting are other elements it would use. I would also have longer takes in the film, which would include when Oliver is making the heroin for his mother. I would also do this when Oliver and his mother shoot the heroin into their veins. I would do this in order to have the audience pay more attention to what’s going on the screen. This would reinforce the theme of the film. The shot length could be compared to many shots in The Bicycle Thieves. For example, when Oliver is lying on the kitchen floor, his mother comes in and sees him. This can be compared to the shot where Antonio thinks that Bruno is drowning in the river. These shots are longer in order to show the moment-to-moment actions of the characters, which gives attention to detail to enhance the feeling of the scene. The treatment is neorealist in style for many reasons. It is written in first person as well as the present tense. It also describes the action from moment to moment. The story revolves around characters that are of poor/working class. They are down on their luck and have trouble getting out of the situation they are in. The story revolves around everyday life. Oliver is just an average boy that goes to school and yearns for the affection of his mother. His mother is a young adult caught in the horrible societal issue of drug addiction. When the story ends there is no real resolution to the story. It is left up to audience to decide what

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