Man Bashing Essay

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Summary of “Man Bashing” In this excerpt from Warren Farrell’s book “Women Can’t Hear What Men Don’t Say, he focuses on a double standard men face in our society. This double standard is the toleration of abuse of men by women, while men abusing women is made front page news. Farrell points out that most of the time when a group of people get singled out, whether it be by race, religion, or gender, it is a criminal act, but when men are singled out as a certain stereotype, no one seems to mind. He goes on to talk about how it is always politically correct to refer to a person such as a mailman with an ambiguous tone, so you would say mail carrier, except when the person is bad or committing a crime, like gunman. Farrell mentions that men are called jerks almost one-hundred percent of the time, while the term is never used for women. This is not necessarily because only men are jerks, that is just how the term has been labeled. Farrell concludes that women are so angry with men because they do not get a “prince charming” that they have dreamed about most of the time when they enter a relationship. He says that women should lower their expectations of men in order to soften their anger against them. Personal Response Overall, I found this excerpt very informative and insightful. Farrell completely destroys a number of commonly accepted myths of politically correct conversation. I believe they are perpetuated by the media and academic bias in favor of feminist ideology with utter disregard for ideas that promote the concerns and qualities of men. This reading left me with a vision of a better world with understanding and

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