Mall Security Issues

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Mall Security: A Physical Target Environment Problem “One type of soft target that has received too little attention is the retail mall. With all the other soft targets that exist (e.g., transit systems, schools, hospitals, etc.), why should citizens be concerned about attacks against shopping malls? One reason is that the nature of malls makes them very vulnerable: there are multiple entrances and exits, and they are open to the public.” (Broz). A place which most of us believe to be a safe actually is one which attracts the most awful individuals that society could offer. The types of people whom I’m referring to are pedophiles, robbers, rapists, killers, and most importantly terrorists. This variety of evils affects so many innocent people and is why mall security is in high demand. Regardless of all the training provided, there is no real way to stop all these acts which occur. Shopping malls have also become more than just local hubs for commerce, but also a place which is targeted by crime since it is such a public and open place. There are numerous security efforts that are being carried out in order to protect shopping malls, but the biggest help has to be the collaboration of both private security and public police. The usual shopping mall has an overwhelming challenge when it comes to its security personnel who are chosen to protect it. There needs to be some sort of balance between accessibility which will give off a welcomed typed of feeling for the customers and but a type of resistance when it comes to crime. Urban shopping areas try to use this logic since they are and have been targets regarding gang violence. The suburban shopping malls usually attract crimes ranging from drug dealing to child molestation, rape, assault and more (Wilson, 1992). The real question is how and what can be done in this situations concerning security? According

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