Male or Female Teachers Essay

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The Advantages of Male Teachers Research has shown that a good balance between male and female teachers in an education facility aids in a better learning environment. However, female teachers are much more common that male teachers making schools ineffective. From personal experience, I have formed the opinion that male teachers are relatively more effective that female teachers. Although a number of male teachers lack in gentleness and thoughtfulness, they more than make up for it in enthusiasm, humour, and seriousness. Contrary to common belief, males are just as and arguably better than females at teaching. Male teachers are often humorous in comparison to female teachers. Male teachers commonly tell jokes or bad puns which make the students laugh generating a higher level of interest in the subject being taught. Through personal experience, I have found that my overall interest of the subject contributes greatly to my performance and learning experience. The humour helps the students enjoy and gain interest in the subject which in turn causes them to learn more and do better in school. Another upside to humorous male teachers is that, the laughter of the class breaks the tension between the students and the teacher and this creates a friendlier relationship which causes the students to be more open to communicating with the teacher which leads to a better understanding of the subject. Often, humour is used to break the ice with new people or to create a closer relationship with someone. This method should be and is applied to teaching by male teachers. By creating a more open relationship with the students, the teacher can both give and receive messages much easier from the students and can focus more on the topics that the students are having problems on. Humour is a useful tool in teaching and as it is used more commonly by male teachers than by female

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