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Male Dominance In Society Essay

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Male Dominance in Society
Michael Torres
Topic # 1
Helen Ross, Soc 201
Cal Poly Pomona
Throughout history, societies have used gender classification to separate Male and Female roles. Men as a group have continued to be the dominant gender in every society. Males are seen as aggressive, strong, a provider and the decision maker, while females are nurturing, submissive, gentile, delicate and not needed to make decisions. However, in western society things have improved with females now working more, providing for their families and are making decisions as well. However, it is still noticeable that men are still the dominant figure. Though this is true, many other forms of classification are used to categorize men and women, from their ethnicity, age, religion and education. The stereotypes created by these categories are used to separate males from other males as well as females from other females. This is how the unfavorable stratification of women is formed.
Today, discrimination and intolerance has lessened since the mid 50’s. However, it is still very evident, it’s just “invisible,” no one really pays attention to it anymore. And males throughout all of history, no matter what society an individual was from, dominated over the female figure. Males are aggressive, leaders, strong, in control, don’t cry, proud and the financial provider. Females are submissive, nurturing, domestic, delicate, and thin and they don’t have to be responsible with any decision-making. These are the gender roles played on through out society whether it be in the workplace, home, society or media.
Males in western culture continue to be more dominant than females. The difference isn’t only biological but sociological. In every society men, as a group, hold decision-making power over women. Feminist historian, Gerder Lerner states that, “There is not a single society known where women as a group have decision...

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