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Male Dominance Essay

  • Submitted by: samram123
  • on April 5, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Sara Ramirez
Sociology 127
Dr. Benedict
March 27, 2014
Reaction Paper: Male Dominance
Male dominance is a topic brought up in lecture when discussing the feminist theory and the roles that gender play in society. Male dominance is the ideology that men show dominance and control over women. Male dominance was established in society because of gender roles, which are the attitudes, behaviors, and privileges that society assigns to each sex. Men are typically associated with being independent, assertive, and powerful, which in turn led to the establishment of dominance.
Male dominance supports the idea that males have more privileges than females and that, in extreme cases in society, males can oppress females. The idea of male dominance is typically accepted by societies and unfortunately also supported by the victims of male dominance. Females can be seen to undermine women and be prejudiced towards them for many reasons. One reason is the idea of promiscuity. Sociologically, it is acceptable for men to sleep with many women without being labeled, but women do not have that freedom without being labeled as promiscuous. Not only is this idea supported by society as a whole, but many women also pass judgement on other women due to their sexual activity. Because women also support male dominance, whether consciously or subconsciously, women are continued to be devalued and the value and thus power of males increases.
I believe that the idea of male dominance is a barrier to society because it does not allow for women to support each other and become more prominent in society. This topic is on the rise in society today with the increasing support of feminism. Through male dominance, females are undervalued and sort of pushed aside in society. This is especially seen in typical careers for women and with the income gap between men and women. Through society, women are undervalued and not allowed to grow and reach their potential.

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