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Male Dominance Essay

  • Submitted by: Rturner23
  • on May 17, 2013
  • Category: Psychology
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Below is an essay on "Male Dominance" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

In society, most people would say that man has more control than women. If this was the 1800s, man was looked upon to provide for their families and protect them. While the wife is at home cooking and cleaning, the man was at work making money to bring home. But in today’s society, it is the total opposite in some households. It has been proven that men still make more money than women.
I think that it should be equal. If you look at it, male athletes make more than female athletes. That’s a perfect example of men making more money. I feel like it could be equal. Women have the right to make as much as men. It depends on the job. Blue collar jobs are suitable for men as white collar jobs are suitable for women. A perfect example is a man being a construction worker and women being a teacher.
Have you ever wondered why a large number of men are at the heads of the most powerful corporations in the world? Men are dominant over women because they are physically and emotionally stronger and their leadership skills are superior. Males physical endurance is better than females. For example, If a male and woman ran a race, the man would have the advantage over the woman.
Males have more muscle mass than females. Women have skinnier and leaner bodies then men. Men are raised to be tougher than women. Since they are raised to be tougher, they are more prone to work in a stressful environment than women.   Males keep calm in pressure situations. A woman might let her emotions get the best of her and start crying.
Males have been the dominant gender since the dawn of time. If females ever become the dominant gender, they will have better physical, emotional, and leadership attributes than a man. If that day comes, things will be run very differently on our planet. Until then, men will always be the dominant gender.

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